Monday, 12 May 2008

Durness Round Up

A final entry on our trip up to the norh west of Scotland.

Sandwood Bay

A trip up north wouldn't be complete without a visit to Sandwood Bay. St John and I are fishing (left). St John caught a very tasty seabass. Roger prepares the table for dinner (right).

We also managed to find the remains of a Spitfire merlin engine - the propellor had been uncovered by the shifting sands following the winter storms. It appears that the engine hadn't been working for some time...

Spitfire R7154 - Accrington, Church and Oswaldtwistle

It would appear that our Spitfire had a short and uneventful life.
First flight, 26 February 1941
Received by 12 MU, 1 March 1941
Accepted by 124 Squadron RAF, 7 May 1941
Pilot: Sgt Kilburn.
Engine failed South west of Cape Wrath, force landed Sandwood Bay, Sutherland, The pilot Sgt Kilburn safe.' Aircraft struck off charge, 30 March 1942
124 Sqn was reformed with Spitfire Mk 1's at Castletown, in the extreme north of Scotland, for the defence of Scapa Flow, on 10 May 1941. (taken from this website)

Balnakiel Beach and Faraid Head

Balnakiel beach and Faraid Head are also beautiful places. Here we cooked some chicken on a charcoal b-b-que (below left). A little bit risky considering it had been defrosting in a very hot car for two days. Luckily the imodium remained in its box. Roger's photo on the beach - ideal for delivering Cadbury's milk tray chocolates (right).

Smoo Cave

Colin gave us a great tour of Smoo Cave again - we hadn't been back for a number of years. Smoo Cave is home to some Scottish pirahna (trout). Colin has been doing a lot of caving around Assynt too - check out polar bear remains in Scotland.

The Crask Inn

Celebrating our last night at the Crask Inn. Excellent food and hospitality and always worth a visit. A big thank you to Mike and Kai for their hospitality. Check out the linen table cloth (left) and Roger preparing for his journey home to Thurso (right).