Friday, 23 May 2008


After watching two films on the way here, and Jen being squashed by the
Russian guy in front reclining for the whole trip, we finally arrived
tired, jetlagged and dehydrated at Tokyo Narita airport. The journey
into downtown Tokyo was fairly effortless and our golden ticket rail
passes were obtained without any problems. The only pitfall was
spending an extra 320 Yen (a whopping £1.60) on a train ticket rather
than a subway ticket. The station guard looked on in amusement as we
repeatedly barged the barriers without success.

Observations from the express train from the airport to downtown - it's
not that express, there's paddy fields and bamboo, it's refreshing being
the odd one out for a change and everyone hangs their mattresses out on
the balcony in the morning.

Today was spent in a blurry haze of tiredness and heat ( 33 °C). We did manage to get some noodles in and visit Ueno Park in central Tokyo (picture below), culminating in an impromptu siesta on the park bench.

Eli saavuimme Tokioon tänään todella väsyneinä! Lentokenttäjunasta näimme loputtomia riisipeltoja ja paljon bambuja. Olemme majoittautuneet hostelliin Asakusan kaupunginosassa, joka on yksi Tokion vanhimpia. Olemme lähellä Sensoji-temppeliä, joka on todella hieno kuten ylläolevasta kuvasta näkyy. Tänään ei vielä ollut paljon energiaa kuin lähiympäristön tutkimiseen ja puistossa rentoutumiseen. Meinaan tätäkin kirjoittaessani koko ajan nukahdella, joten taidetaanpa mennä klo 21 nukkumaan. Ehkä tämä zombi-tila sitten pikku hiljaa paranee! On ollut ihanaa tulla Aasiaan ja ollaan todella hyvin mielin.


Climbingmandy said...

Hi guys!!!!!
OMG you've arrived and are already out their experiencing Japanese culture. I'm so impressed. Even more impressed and delighted that you are blogging about it so promptly. Full marks!
I look forward to seeing more pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Jen.

Keep the blogs coming! Like the food pics.

Love David