Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Last full day in Japan

Our morning was spent walking around the environmentally challenged Lake Kawaguchi. A combination of over-development, over fishing and pollution meant that the spot-the-dead-fish game became a little bit too easy. It was extremely sad to see the natural environment in such a poor state. However, one ray of light was the fisherman who was casting off in the opposite direction to where all the fish were (as we could see all the fish from the bridge). We're convinvced the fish had big smiles on their faces. Lots of cloud and no postcard views of Mt Fuji.

Waiting at Kawaguchi-ko station, Jen couldn't resist applying her eye for proof-reading and spotted this gem in the ladies lavatory.

Leaving Kawaguchi-ko, we were lucky enough to catch the Thomas Land express (see photos below). For our younger readers - Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends are alive and well and working the Fuji Express line. As Thomas chugged his way down the winding track, the music of John Denver seemed to eerily fit the weirdness of the journey. (Jen is disassociating herself from the John Denver link!)

Our journey continued to Tokyo. Note to self - the term 'special rapid' service does not mean that the train goes any quicker than walking pace.

Our hostel tonight overlooks the Asahi brewing company headquarters (the golden turd or Unko Biru as it is known here in Asakusa).

Our evening was spent at the 100 Yen shop (inflation has pushed the prices up to 105 yen though) and a blow-out sushi dinner. A fitting end to our Japanese experience. There's time tomorrow for one final bath house and then we fly off to Indonesia.

The journey continues...


David said...

I'm getting blog withdrawal symptoms.
Hope you have arrived okay in Indonesia and look forward to the next installment.