Thursday, 19 June 2008

Swimming with the fishes

We didn't sleep too well last night. Of course, the Balinese coffee
at 8pm in the evening might have had something to do with it. Or
perhaps it was the distressed sound of pigs being slaughtered at
intervals throughout the night. Suckling pig is the star meal on the
menu here. It's reserved for very special occasions - like the wedding
today and the Hindu full moon festival.

We've hired a traditional fishing boat a couple of times with our new
found friends, Rasmus and Katja. There's many different fishes to see
and it's very relaxing watching the coral and the aquatic life beneath
you. It's also a great opportunity to recreate a number of film
scenes. For example, Jaws - sneak up on each other and pull
someone's leg 'shark attack' style; Deep Water - when our boat had to
leave us for two minutes whilst the driver ran an errand (and others
haven't realised) ask - ' Where's the boat going?!!!!'; and Piranha -
stick the tasty bread which the fish eat down someone else's t-shirt.
The picture's taken from the boat - it's the flash that makes us look

There's a lot of dogs wandering around Padangbai. One was being very
territorial and quite aggressive. Seeing that it scared us, a young
five year old boy came down and kicked it! Being here also reminds us
of the early nineties - the music and the speed of the internet
connection. This blog is being written on a dial up connection so no
chance of any skype phonecalls or too many photos for a while.

This afternoon we're going to have a very long siesta as we're off to
climb a mountain tonight/ tomorrow morning. We leave here around
midnight tonight so that we can watch the sunrise from the top of the
Mt Agung volcano.