Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cycling around Sukhothai

Sukhothai is the ancient capital of Thailand, dating back almost 700 years. The site contains over 70 ruins and its an enjoyable day cycling between them. It was a surprisingly gruelling workout, thanks to our bikes with no gears and poor brakes. The bikes were probably as old as the ruins themselves.

SukhothaiPond at Sukhothai

Modern temple at SukhothaiMore Sukhothai ruins

Buddha at Sukhothai

Back at the night market in Phitsanulok, we came across this man making some coffee in a rather unusual way. He reminded us of Tom Cruise in the film 'Cocktail'. There were also grown men drinking half pints of milk and eating toast. Weird.

And if anyone was wondering what had happened to those tins of Carnation evaporated milk that may have been in your Gran's cupboard, well they're alive and well here in Thailand. It's everywhere. We've become addicted to the stuff in our iced coffees. It does have a habit of sticking to your ribs on the way down though. It's coffee and dessert in every mouthful!