Monday, 22 December 2008

Masterchef goes Thai

At last a chance to use phrases such as "This competition just keeps on getting tougher" and "well seasoned" in a real culinary environment. First off, we had a trip to the market to buy our fresh ingredients. We learnt all about Dragon Fruits, different types of ginger and green vegetables. Our instructor Tom held his morning glory in his hands (it's a leafy green vegetable by the way).

Next, the cooking started in earnest. Andy doused his stir fry in water at the very end, ruining the dish. Oops. Steaming off the excess just over-cooked the prawns (which only needed 30 seconds to start off with).

In Jen's class, one Irish gentleman was cutting chillies but needed the toilet. Unfortunately he forgot to wash his hands beforehand. This resulted in a nasty burning sensation and serious pain where you wouldn't want it. First Aid required the application of ice cubes to the affected area (which worked a treat). Contrary to popular belief, coconut milk, salt or sugar doesn't help.

We ate what we cooked which meant we were absolutely stuffed for most of the day. The food tasted great though. Thais use sugar like we use salt. Instead of salt, they use fish sauce. Chillies, lemon grass and ginger also feature prominently. Jen's favourite dishes were the green curry and sticky rice with mango. Andy liked everything.

Baan Thai Cookery School


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All looks very appetising .