Friday, 30 January 2009

How the other half live

Jen's sisters – Sanni and Emmi – arrived today. Unfortunately we missed them at the airport as their domestic flight had disembarked at international arrivals. To top off our frustration, the taxi driver on the way back to Karon tried to offload us at a scamming travel agents. For the second time in two days we were met by aggressive touts who wanted us to get out of the transport so that they could 'check our destination'. The scam goes like this: they ask where your staying, pretend to phone and then tell you that your accommodation is full (which it isn't – you've booked). You then get pressured into paying for alternative expensive accommodation. We found out later that Sanni and Emmi had had the same experience and had wisely stayed in their taxi too.

We eventually caught up with the girls at the Hilton. They were busy sipping champagne in the lobby and relaxing whilst their room was being prepared. Their room was amazing and an extremely comfortable place to spend eight days. We particularly liked the towel which was folded to make an elephant. For comparison we've attached a photo of our own room (bottom right) – we turned the lights on to make it look more atmospheric.

We made the most of the late afternoon sun and headed for the beach. Sanni and Emmi slept off some of their jet lag whilst simultaneously building up a tan. We were horrified by the dress code of this older gentleman.

Video of base jump has now been added.


Anonymous said...

Life looks really tough there !!

Have agreat time


Mum & Dad

David said...

Nice thong andy. You do seem to have put on a bit of weight though.

Anonymous said...

Iloitkaa ja nauttikaa siella yhdessa! Mahtaa kayda aika pulina!

Auntie Liz said...

Hello Guys
You know how to live!
It looks fantastic, wish we were there too....
Hello to Sanni and Emmi who also know how to live.
Yes we've also seen older gentlemen looking like that on our holidays, yuk.
Love from auntie Liz xxxx