Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mueller Hut

The Mueller Hut is perched 1,700m up on the Sealy Range. On a clear day, the hut offers fantastic views of the high peaks in the area - Mt Sefton, The Footstool and Aoraki/Mt Cook. Even on a not so clear day, we saw and heard avalanches rumbling down The Footstool.

After having our lunch at the hut, we went on to climb Mt Ollivier. This was apparently Sir Edmund Hillary's first peak (the inference being, if you can climb this then...) It had been snowing for a couple of days at altitude, so the peaks and the ridge we were standing on were covered in a soft white coat. It was stunning.

Despite having descent weather during the day, the rain returned to Mount Cook Village again in the later afternoon. We packed our wet tents and embarked on a drive to Timaru on the East Coast. Today we drove to Kaikoura, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll see some whales tomorrow. It's St John's last day in NZ tomorrow, so we're going out for a farewell meal tonight.


David said...

Lovely mountain picutres. Hope the weather changes soon so you get some sun!