Monday, 23 March 2009

Paraparaumu Beach and Mokai Gravity Canyon

Leaving behind the South Island, we made our way to Paraparaumu Beach, home to Jen's old boss Connie, her husband Rod and their daughter Mollie. We had a relaxing time, doing a bit of DIY and joining in the bubbles and trampolining fun with Mollie.

During a short walk on the beach, we saw an impressive thunderstorm – and then promptly got drenched by it. Oh well, perhaps we didn't have time for that quick pint after all. Thanks very much to Rod, Connie and Mollie for having us to stay.

Leaving on Sunday (Mother's Day), we made our way north to Taupo, stopping at Mokai Gravity Canyon on the way. An old bridge used to span the 80m deep canyon. Unfortunately it collapsed during the 1960's when a farmer drove his truck-full of sheep across it. A new bridge now spans the gorge.

Our friend Darren had told us about the flying fox so we decided to give it a try. It's about one kilometre long, drops 160 metres and reaches a speed of 160 kph. Here's the results.

Andy felt he didn't get enough of a rush from the flying fox so he thought that he might like to try a bungy jump. Additional activities were very reasonably priced so before he knew it, he found himself on the edge of the platform, heart racing, looking down at the drop below. The video starts off with the instructor asking Andy how he is doing -”awful”, comes the reply. Andy then says “I'm not sure I can do this...”


Anonymous said...

Well, I enjoyed the flying fox video but felt ill just watching the bungee jump one. 2 years in NZ and I just couldn't face it, so well done to Andy ... Wendy x

Anonymous said...

Rather you than me though.

Well done !!!!


NeringaPri said...

Well done Andy!


auntie Liz said...

Very impressive Andy.Can't believe you done that. The flying fox looked good as well.
Didn't Jen fancy a bungy jump?

Love auntie Liz xx

David said...

I think you have much more grey hair since the bungy jump!