Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Aso Caldera

We left Hiroshima behind today to journey to the south island of Kyushu. Our trains got successively smaller and slower until we eventually arrived at Aso within the world's biggest caldera.

We're pleasantly surprised by our accommodation here (costs less than a Travelodge) and the fancy dress is included too. Our bathtime was strictly limited to fifteen minutes - and you had to remember not to add bubble bath or pull the plug out. (Everyone uses the same tub although not at the same time).

Aso is a surprisingly small place. Smaller even than Jen's home town of Paimio! I guess living in the shadow of an active volcano isn't everyone's cup of tea. However, it has all the facilities you could want - tourist information, a taxi to the cable car station and left luggage at the station. The local frog population seems to outnumber the townsfolk here, judging by the deafening noise outside the restaurant tonight.


David said...

And they even have internet too!
Go on put some bubbles in the bath. You know you want to.
Like the outfits

Anonymous said...

Yet more frogs !! Looks like you are having agreat time.

Love Mum & Dad