Saturday, 7 June 2008

Saturday 7th June 2008 - Ibusuki Sand Baths

A rather long and arduous train journey finally took us to Ibusuki - a small spa town around 40km west of Kagoshima. Ibusuki has just one highlight - sand on some of its beaches heated to 50 degrees by geothermal vents. These are used for sand baths where you get buried alive wearing only a yukata (a cotton robe).

During your allotted ten minutes you can feel the blood pulsing around your body. It's surprising how such a small amount of sand can feel so heavy. That said, it's still a very enjoyable and special experience! Following the sand bath, you can soak in the onsen spa with hot and cold baths. There's also a high tech sauna with a TV screen on the wall - so you don't miss any of the daytime quiz shows.