Wednesday, 13 August 2008

13 August 2008: We've been let out!

After six nights in Bombay Hospital, Jen was finally discharged this morning. It might have been earlier but the words “it's an insurance job” had spread round the hospital really quickly. We've literally crossed the street, and we're now in the West End Hotel. It's quite a nice hotel but the main plus is that it has wi-fi in the room!!! Unfortunately the TV channels are a bit limited though – never mind.

Jen's slowly getting her strength back but her appetite hasn't quite returned. You can see why! We should be out of here in a few days – famous last words!

Other news is that I became an uncle again. Max was born on 08-08-08 (around lunchtime and not at 8am).

A big thank you to all for the phonecalls, emails and photos to keep us going. We'll return the favour soon and start posting something interesting.