Friday, 8 August 2008

8 August 2008: We're still here in Mumbai

Not having the best of times at the moment. After our scenic walk around Mumbai we laid low in the hotel whilst Jen tried to shake off a cold. Unfortunately, Jen got diarrhea two days ago, prompting us to change rooms in the hotel so that we could get an en-suite bathroom. The diarrhea didn't get any better so yesterday she was admitted to a private room in Bombay Hospital. Jen's on a drip at the moment and should hopefully be on the road to recovery soon. On the eleventh floor, the views are pretty impressive and the flat screen TV is keeping us entertained.

The ' Super-Deluxe' en-suite room that we escaped from was definitely one of the worst places we've stayed in so far. It was the only room in the left in the hotel with a bathroom. (It was at the Welcome Inn, although the other A/C room we had there was fine). It was extremely expensive and the dank smell of mothballs suggested nobody had used it for a very long time. I'm still recovering from the Naphthalene fumes and the dank air-conditioner blowing two metres from my face all night.

We'll be here for a few more days. Thanks for the get well soon messages.


Liz and John said...

Hello Jen and Andy

Take care Jen. You'll soon be well and climbing another mountain !!!

Love John and Liz