Monday, 4 August 2008

4 August 2008: Update from Mumbai

Not much to report here. Jen is laid low at the moment with a cold which she's had for the last few days. So we're just taking it easy.

During this quiet time, we have managed to navigate our way around the train timetable book – 'Trains at a Glance'. Using this we've managed to buy some train tickets without too much forward planning. The bureaucracy is fairly staggering though. There's over 50 different windows at the station to buy a ticket from. You have to fill in the form correctly, then hope there's some tickets left on the tourist quota. So far we've been lucky.

Over the next few days, and if Jen is well enough, we'll head to the Ajanta Caves, the historical city of Bhopal, the Gwalior Fort and then on to Agra for the Taj Mahal.

Stay tuned for updates.


Anonymous said...

Moi tyypit!!!
Hopefully jenni u r getting better already and hopefully you have some deceant place to stay in Mumbai. While I was there we were staying at umca, it is near by gate of india. While travelling in India, espesially in Agra make no favors(related creditcards) to no-one. My Kroatian friens were cheated in Agra by carpetdealer and i suppose that police were involving(sekaantuneet juttuun siis, en tieda miten toi kirjotetaan). And Jenni please avoid crouds. (Yritin sanoo et pysykaa pois vakijoukoista, ne on vaarallisia lansimaisille)

Anonymous said...

Hi both, hope Jen is on the mend and you can resume your travels.


Anonymous said...

Pikaista paranemista Jennille! Hopefully you're feeling better Jen and you can go on with your travels! Great blog and pics - we have enjoyed the updates around the world!

Niina & Lari