Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kathmandu, I'll soon be stuck in you...

For two days in a row we've got up at the crack of dawn and dragged ourselves to the airport, only for our flight to Lukla to be cancelled due to bad weather. On the bright side, the flights get rescheduled pretty easily and we only wasted a couple of hours today.

As we had some time to kill, we headed to Durbar Square in down town Kathmandu. Dodging motorbikes, taxis and cycle rickshaws, we passed the very spot where Cat Stevens wrote his song 'Kathmandu'. (Comment from Jen: This was about the only piece of history that got Andy's attention, even though we were surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage designated buildings...)

Fingers crossed for better weather in Lukla tomorrow. If we fly, we should still be able to get to the start of our course on time.