Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Everest and around

We reached Kala Pattar (5,550m) on the 17th November. This is the main place for seeing Everest. We chose the left-hand path from Gorak Shep and were rewarded with some easy scrambling to the lower summit, made slightly more difficult by the altitude. Every couple of moves, we had to remember to rest in order to avoid becoming dizzy. Not easy when you're not used to it!

Although Everest Base Camp was nearby on the Khumbu Glacier, we didn't specifically go to visit it. The climbing season for Everest is now finished for the winter, and the site can be hard to find with no tents or people there. You can't even see Everest itself from Base Camp, so we didn't see the point in going there. It would've been nice to have taken a closer look at the famous Khumbu Icefall, but we didn't want to have to walk for the whole day just to get there and back.

On our way to Everest, there were some chilling memorials to people who had lost their lives on the mountain.

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Uncle John and auntie Liz said...

Lovely photos and magnificent views.

We are enjoying your pictures very much.

Looking forward to the dogs !!!

Love auntie Liz & Uncle John x