Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Yaks and other animals

Here's a picture of a single Himalayan Thar. We were lucky enough to see three male thar racing across the hillside and down some cliffs, attempting to corner a female. Although the female was cornered on a small ledge, none of the males got close enough to get lucky.

This colourful bird (below left) is a male Himalayan Monal, the national bird of Nepal (click on the photo to enlarge). Jen spotted a couple of these around Namche Bazar, scratching the ground for food. Less impressive female birds were also nearby. Their drab colours blended in too well with the undergrowth to merit a picture. Jen's grandad, Väinö, would be proud of her for becoming such a successful birdspotter ('a twitcher'). We fed this bird on the right on top of Gokyo Ri - as had many other people judging by its friendliness.

Here's a collection of yak photos we took along the way. The yak crush was taken at great personal risk to the photographer! Also featured are moheecan yak and, bottom left, the three yaks from our Island Peak expedition - Sou, Kendo and Dole.

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