Thursday, 4 December 2008

Arriving in Hong Kong

After a slight mix up – our flight left Kathmandu one day later than stated on the ticket – we arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Driving amongst the hundreds of skyscrapers made us realise how huge and incredibly densely populated Hong Kong is. Despite its size – and the smog – the city is very clean and has lots of green spaces.

Seeing Delme, Neringa, Matas and new arrival Indra has been a relaxing break from our day to day travelling.

Yesterday we went to Sai Kung for some local seafood...

...and today we went on the Peak Tram to Victoria Hill for views of the city.

A trip across the bay on the Star Ferry soon found us in Golden Computer Centre where we upgraded our memory. Jen enjoyed the experience!!!

The TV screens at the Metro station showed reporters sheltering from the wind and rain in London. We hear the snow is good in Glencoe though.


David said...

After your recent hardships, it must seem like you are living in luxury now.

Liked the sea food. Please send some over