Friday, 5 December 2008

Dancing on Ice

There were some surprising local signs in Sai Kung this morning!

Later, we visited the ice rink in the Megabox building - eleven floors up with views of the Hong Kong skyline. Delme, Neringa and Jen were all very proficient. Fortunately the game of 'tag' ended without anyone getting injured.

Delme had parked the car on the fourteenth floor. As we descended the tarmac corkscrew down to street level, waves of travel sickness filled the car.

After a couple of falls on the ice, Andy recovered in a massage chair. This one costs over 2,000 GBP and wasn't very relaxing.


Kadmiel said...

looks like your haveing the time of your life thanks for shareing with us :)

Jon said...

The lady in the yellow shirt who is controlling your chair would clearly rather be living a different life.

Hope you guys are well. We read everything even if we don't always get around to commenting. It seems like you're having an amazing time and I was very jealous until Andy wacked himself in the face crossing a river. Was it a river troll or did you slip and break your fall with your face? They be dangerous places them rivers.