Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Jellyfish and Ice Cream at Ocean Park

Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong's major tourist attractions. It combines an aquarium with nausea inducing theme park rides. You might think that we came here to give the kids a fun day out, but no! We were totally selfish, and it was just the two of us. Sorry Matas and Indra. We'll take you next time.

After a light lunch, we discovered the jellyfish lava lamp which took up an entire wall. Officially it's called Sea Jelly Spectacular and has jellyfish lit by lamps which change colour.

Next, the aquarium on three tiers was home to some impressive aquatic life. The coral reef was pretty close to snorkelling in Indonesia with all the different types of fish.

Andy dragged Jen on the following rides: the Abyss, which was a freefall tower type thing, and the log flume (where he promised Jen she wouldn't get wet). You can judge for yourself who got wetter.

For revenge, Jen got Andy on the Space Wheel – you might remember this as Enterprise. Whilst he didn't throw up, Andy was incapacitated for a good three hours afterwards. Jen wanted to have a second go (albeit alone). Jen also dragged Andy on the vomit inducing Crazy Galleon pirate ship (or Viking boat as it is known in Finland). Nothing crazy about it – just flashbacks for Andy of when he was abandoned by his brother and Dad on the same ride at the West Midlands Safari Park, over 20 years ago!


Anonymous said...

I rember that ride in the safari park.

I think you were very quiet the rest of the day though ..