Monday, 8 December 2008

Stanley and Ngong Ping

The big event on Saturday evening was a Finnish Independence Day barbeque. (We ate inside though, as it was too cold outside – in spite of all the flames).

On Sunday afternoon we went with Neringa, Matas and Indra to Stanley, on the south coast of Hong Kong Island. Stanley is apparently home to the majority of the British expat community and a very popular destination for drinking pints of Guinness. On the way to Stanley, we drove through some impressive skyscrapers on Hong Kong island.

Today we took the Ngong Ping 360 cable car (click the video below to share the ride with us from your desk).

Ngong Ping is famous for the world's largest Buddha (there's some small print here – it's the largest one which is bronze, outdoors and sitting). We managed some fine Japanese noodle soup for lunch, which took us back to our time in Tokyo. However, we weren't tempted by the 'Walking with Buddha' attraction, where you could pay to walk along the 'path of enlightenment'.

We caught a boat back to Central Hong Kong just in time for sunset.

PS. Hong Kong people like their rules....