Saturday, 28 February 2009

Dunedin to Porpoise Bay

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Dunedin is known locally as the 'Edinburgh of the South'. Whilst it didn't look like Edinburgh, it had many of its streets named after its Scottish ancestor. Further on, we arrived at the beautiful Sandfly Bay, famous for its flying sand rather than biting insects. A walk around the coast led to Lover's Leap and the Chasm, two large geological features carved out by the South Pacific Ocean. From the hide at Sandfly Bay we also saw Hooker's sea lions playing in the surf.

The following day, we travelled to Porpoise Bay and the neighbouring Curio Bay which are full of the best marine creatures that New Zealand has to offer. On arrival, our yellow-eyed penguin count increased nine-fold. They shrieked on the beach as we looked on, and slowly waddled from the sea to their nests hidden in the bush. It was a wonderful experience.

While entering Porpoise Bay this afternoon (Saturday), Jen almost stepped on a sea lion having a sand bath on the beach. After recovering from the shock, she managed to take this video. A little later, we watched Hector's dolphins swimming in the surf. These black and white dolphins are one of the rarest and smallest in the world.

We also visited the impressive Cathedral Caves, up to 30 metres high, that can only be visited at low tide. The walk to the beach meandered through beautiful native bush, with lots of different types of fern all around us (from tiny specimens to giants).


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle St John, Andy and Jen

We can see that you are having a great time in NZ. Mia's favourite pictures are of the Cathedral Caves and the sea lions. Freya likes the penguins and sea lions best. Mia's first tooth has fallen out and a new one is growing. Lots of love, freya and mia.

Anonymous said...

ST John
Looks great! You are missing nothing here except the neighbours had a very noisy party! My friend Ilana is in Wellington which I think is the wrong direction to you but if you happen to go there let me know and I can give you her number.
Love Louise xoxo

David said...

Hi Andy,
Didn't really see the rare penguin! Can you take another video =)

Did you scratch the sea lion on his belly. He looks like he wanted you to.