Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Milford Sound

It's understandable why Milford Sound is the number one tourist destination in New Zealand. Towering cliffs, huge waterfalls and witty commentary from the boat's captain made this a great day out. Highlights from the tour included getting to drive the boat, being drenched in the waterfall and taking in the awe-inspiring, steep-sided fjord.

Some of the cliffs were bare from where tree-avalanches had taken place. When some trees get too old to cling onto the rock face, they fall off and take out all the trees below.

To avoid the sandflies back at camp, we decided to cook our tea by the Homer Tunnel. It is around a mile long and was only completed in 1953, making Milford Sound the only fjord which you can visit in a car rather than a boat. While we were cooking, we were joined by a number of Kea which are the world's only alpine parrots. After we chased them away, they flew off and started to chew the rubber seal on another car.


auntie Liz said...

Hi Andy and Jen and St. John!

This all looks fantastic. The waterfalls are beautiful.

Uncle John doesn't know if it was a wise to let Andy behind the wheel of the boat, but you are all in once piece still !!!

Take care.

Love auntie Liz & uncle John
xx xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures .

Glad you are having alovely time.

Mum & Dad