Saturday, 11 April 2009


Following our time in the countryside, we've been dazzled by the bright lights of Melbourne. Famed for its food, the city lived up to its reputation. We reminisced about Indonesia, eating some fine suckling pig in one local warung - this time without the sounds of the slaughter haunting us. We've also dined on excellent sushi right in the centre of town.

A walk around the city led us to the extensive Victorian Markets where you could buy just about everything. We were also impressed by the State Library with its huge domed reading room. Another hidden gem inside was the armour warn by the outlaw Ned Kelly. One of the bullets on the body piece was from testing. Another, right on the brow, was made by a police sniper at the time of Kelly's capture.

Other sites we dropped in on included the Grand Prix circuit, used two weeks ago. Andy took the opportunity to stand on pole position. Security was pretty lax so we made it into the pit lane and nearly made it on to the winner's podium before being stopped. We also visited the café mecca of St Kilda on Good Friday. On the fishing pier, one man had caught a very strange fish which puffed up with spikes all over its body.


Anonymous said...

Like the pole position pose !