Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Prom lies 200km south-east of Melbourne and is home to one of Australia's most visited National Parks. The local government uses the slogan “Healthy parks, healthy people”. However, this doesn't extend to the in-park greasy spoon cafĂ©. There we had an unhealthy fish and chips/ pie and chips lunch.

The park was affected by the recent bush fires. They destroyed about half of the forest over a five week period. Some of the hill sides were black, whereas others were an autumnal orange from the canopy burn. Still, there was a lot of wildlife to see.

Last night's torch lit walk around the camp site revealed two possums, a fox and at least six wombats – these are large dog-sized rodents that eat the grass. Back at the tent we even saw a couple of kangaroos. We watched a crazy German guy run around after one of the kangaroos, trying to catch it. He was lucky not to get kicked in the face.

The next bay over from the camp site was Squeaky Beach, famous for its fine sands which make a squeaky sound (but only when it's dry). It had rained a bit in the morning, so the sand wasn't as squeaky as normally. There had been at least one disappointed family on the beach; they'd left this message in the sand.