Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Well, what can we say about Sydney. It's one of the most iconic cities in the world. We had a lovely four days exploring this very windy city.

We strolled through The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney. We found a bronze pig called Il Porcelino outside Sydney Hospital. Apparently, rubbing its nose brings good luck. Surprisingly, another part of the pig's anatomy was also quite shiny.

The magnificent State Library of New South Wales had an exhibition on Charles Darwin. The Botanical Gardens were beautiful with a large colony of fruit bats and some enormous trees.

Getting ready to be back in the UK, we found a cheap hairdressers to sharpen our appearance. Unfortunately these hairdressers were very good at mass scalpings, whilst customers looked on in horror. Our cuts were no different. Jen staggered out with a whole new look. Andy went to another salon to get his hair fixed. What a disaster!

We've just experienced our longest day ever – 34 hours in length, by flying from Sydney to Santiago, Chile. As the plane took off, Andy was nine hours older than his identical twin brother. However, as the plane landed in Chile, international time zones meant he was five hours younger.


auntie Liz said...

Hi you two !!!

Love the comments on your haircuts they made me laugh! You've had a few memorible cuts during the last year.

Also the comment on you ending up younger than Dave was amusing too...

See you soon.

Love auntie Liz xx xx

Anonymous said...

No pictures of the haircusts then ?

Looking forward to you coming home.



David said...

Only two weeks till your back. We're looking forward to it! Your probably not!