Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rio de Janeiro (Part 2)

Instead, we took the slower approach and queued for our train tickets to see the Christ. The spectacular views from the top were spoiled by the crowds, the coin operated candles, the chapel selling T-shirts and the Christ gift shop. It was very funny though to see lots of Brazilians performing Christ-like poses in front of the statue. Posing is a big thing here. Even really young children pout in the most unnatural 'model' poses.

Sunday saw us visit the Botanical Garden. It was impressive, both for its plant life and for countless couples locked in passionate embraces. We think a lot of young people must live with their parents until they're married, escaping to city parks for privacy. The gardens also had some cool spiders, toucans and fleeting hummingbirds.

Although our Portuguese is limited, the power of mime has seen us through. Phrases acted so far include:
  • 'Do you have any foot spray for Andy's rotting leather sandals?'
  • 'Is this the queue for the ATM machine?'
  • 'Another large beer please.'