Friday, 31 October 2008

Andy's Face

On our last day, Andy whacked himself in the face whilst crossing a stream. Fortunately it didn't need stitches. Thanks to Jeff for carrying Andy's bag for the last ten kilometres.

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David said...

No i know what I'd look like with a beard!! Eyyyoooo

Anonymous said...

Don't mention it regarding the bag. Was glad to help out and even happier that it all turned out ok. Cheers, Jeff

Helen said...

A beard is not a good look for you - don't do it again! love to Jen Helen xx

auntie Liz said...

Hi Andy and Jen
Lovely to look at your pictures and glad you are both OK.

Your poor face Andy! Well the cuts and bruises make you look better than that beard !!! The beard ages you.

Have fun and take care.

Love from auntie Liz xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Looks like you are having fun. Not sure about the beard Andy, but hey, I bet it was low maintenance :)
Hope you are both well and look forward to catching up with you on Skype soon.