Friday, 31 October 2008


Dal bhat is the local fuel and this kept us walking for hours. Locals eat this lentil soup and curried vegetables twice a day but with much more rice.

Planes to Jomoson fly over the pass at Ghorepani. They fly so low that you can take photos like this without a zoom lens.

These resting places are conveniently located wherever you need one – typically at the top of a hill in the shade of a big tree. You can use them without even having to take your rucksack off and are a trekker's best friend.

Below 2500 meters, plentiful crops of sweetcorn, rice and buckwheat were being harvested. One picture shows sweetcorn drying high up to prevent mice getting to them. Most lodges also offered a plate of popcorn as a snack for tired trekkers. Jen thought she was in paradise as she'd had a craving for popcorn since we left Finland in May!

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