Thursday, 29 May 2008

Kyoto Sightseeing

Following yesterday's strenuous exercise, it was a late start for us this morning. However, we visited some photogenic temples today. First was Kinkakuji Temple with its golden pavilion. We also got accosted by some more teenagers for a photo.

We then contemplated the zen garden at Ryoanji Temple. Various interpretations include mountains peaking through a sea of cloud; islands in the ocean or, my favourite, lion mothers taking their cubs across a river. (A very kind Japanese gentleman explained this all to us). The photo below is taken from the only spot from which all fifteen rocks are visible at once.

Fundraising is also very effective at the temple. Simply throw a coin into the bowl. If you can reach the big bowl, why not try and get the smaller bowl. As the picture shows - you can't miss!

Lunch was as you can see below - very filling!!!! A bowl of udon noodles each. Mine came with 7 extra thngs whilst Jen has fried tofu in it.

We had an evening stroll through a very confusing geisha district. Were the salary men just having a meal and conversation? Was so much privacy required? Were lots of lone women arriving by taxi into the area? We also manage to catch the Kiyomizudera temple as the sun was setting.

A late post tonight due to a trip planning....