Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oversleeping in Asakusa

Bit of a disaster this morning. We were supposed to get up at 7.00am to have a look around the fish market. However, our new chinese watches only managed to wake Jen up. Indeed, I slept soundly for a further two hours before an anxious Jen managed to break into the dormitory to check my pulse. And it was my idea to get up ridiculously early too!

In spite of a necessary change of plan to the day, we had a great time looking at the Meiji-jingu shrine - a very popular venue for Japan's rich and famous to wed. (Please note - I forgot the camera this morning so today's photos are courtesy of the world wide web)

Lunch has to be mentioned because Jen chose the vegetarian option - labelled bean curd - which then came swimming in a rich, spicy mince meat stew.

After lunch we made our way over to the Tokyo Bay area. The view to the 918m long Rainbow Bridge is obscured by a scaled down copy of the Statue of Liberty. In the distance, there's also the Tokyo Tower- higher than the Eiffel Tower from which it is cloned. We got to the bridge at dusk, rather than at nightfall as this picture below shows. The walk over the bridge was great and the sunset was breathtaking - one of the best trip moments so far (day 3).

We finally wandered back via Ginza (above right) - a long and very upmarket street - before arriving back at the International Backpackers Embassy here in Asakusa.