Saturday, 31 May 2008

Last day in Kyoto for a while

Today we decided to take it a bit easier and walked down the Philosopher's Path. We had lunch in a great place and had okonomiyaki - a pancake like thing that my friend Darshi at work had told us about. It's cooked on the table - the middle of which is a hot plate - as the photo shows.

The afternoon was spent at the Heian-jingu shrine. The shrine is famous for its beautiful garden. Here's some images from it.

Enjoy the wildlife video below too.

This evening we took the train from Kyoto to Hiroshima and had another very smooth journey on the shinkansen. We managed to get our laundry done - there's a laundrette round the corner but you have to get your clothes out quick before they stink of cigarette smoke! We're staying about a kilometre from where the first atom bomb was dropped. No doubt a very difficult post tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Hi you guys,
God you've been busy. Your blog site is so cool. Can't wait till the next installment.
Enjoy yourselves,
Love Lisa and Dom